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When introducing their new mobile app in 2015, Taco Bell’s CEO referred to it as “the biggest innovation since the drive-thru.” Since introduced by Wendy’s in the mid- ‘70s, the drive-thru has transformed restaurants and driven much of the industry’s growth. In 2020, Covid-19 virus has changed the world affecting all sectors, including restaurants and its operations — pick-up, dine-in, payment methods, and delivery.

Much like the drive-thru and mobile apps, innovation driven by cutting edge technologies has rapidly and significantly transformed the customer engagement and the restaurant business. On a scale that could minimize previous transformations, restaurants are now confronted with online menus, digital ordering and physical pick-up, in-app payments, contactless dining, as well as personalised AI/ML dine-in experience.

In our playbook, we explore the whys, how-tos, and expert advice to help your restaurant business reach its digital potential and walk you through the steps necessary to create a successful vision and plan. Digital transformation can feel overwhelming, but this guide will simplify the process by helping you focus on what to prioritise (and when) to delight your customers while avoiding an overcomplicated, unneeded solution.

Download the playbook to:

  • Understand the steps necessary to create a roadmap strategy and vision that keeps pace with the evolving expectations of your customers.
  • Create a plan for how to digitize your offerings, so you know where you cut costs and regain profits.
  • Learn tips from experts on how to reimagine your dining experience for a post Covid-19 world and beyond.
  • Garner ideas for measuring and analyzing your program’s success.

Cook up a new and better customer experience, so your restaurant business can thrive in a digital first world. Are you ready to transform?

The Ultimate Restaurant Playbook - Change your customer experience is on the menu
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