Customer analytics consulting: creating a data strategy

An optimized data strategy should be either driving revenue growth or reducing costs. If it’s not consistently helping to do one of those two things, you need to evaluate how smartly your data is working for you.

Why you need a data strategy?


Surveys consistently show that while organizations are investing more in analytics capabilities, these same organizations report dissatisfaction with their ability to learn from that data. Organizations cite key challenges like integration quality, finding actionable insights, communicating results to stakeholders, and promoting testing and learning.

Data can be subjective and open to misinterpretation or multiple different interpretations. When that happens, it can fragment a company’s attention and can even lead a business away from what their users actually need.

One way teams often get off track is through the practice of just collecting everything. Without an actual strategy for how to deploy the data, it is difficult to sort through this mountain of information and correctly interpret the value. 

A solid and complete data strategy will prioritize the metrics needed for decision making, provide context around performance of those metrics and aid in developing a roadmap of features and functions for continuous optimization. It will ensure the businesses is collecting the data needed understand user and business objectives in a way that the whole business agrees, creating a common understanding of what the data means and how it will be applied.



Measurement matters

It’s important to remember that, at the heart of analytics optimization, is the customer experience. To create impactful customer experiences, you must understand your customers and be able to personalize your offering to their specific needs.  Data management is a key ingredient in being able to accomplish this goal. 

We believe that it’s important to define goals, KPIs, and objectives upfront so that every solution is purposefully built, tracked, and measured.

Mobiquity’s dedicated analysts and data scientists

Our team of customer analytics consultants will work with you to define your analytics plan, create a tracking framework, and develop dashboards. Once your solution is launched, we perform regular analyses to find actionable insights to fuel your business strategy and enable greater customer engagement.

Our customer experience analytics team has helped clients make the most of tools like:

  • Data and Analysis: Firebase, Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, IBM Digital Analytics (Coremetrics), Heap, Kiss Metrics
  • Tag Management & Attribution Modeling: Google Tag Manager, Adobe Launch, Segment, Telium
  • A/B & Multivariate Testing & Targeting: VWO, Optimizely, Google Optimize, Monetate
  • Data Visualization & Automation: Tableau, Data Studio, Power BI

Mobiquity’s specializes in finding friction and helping resolve it – and that’s exactly what our analysts and data scientists do. Best of all, our agile teams work together with creative, engineering, and strategy to ensure that your program is analyzed from a holistic perspective so that nothing is missed.


Measure, analyze, optimize

Although the concept of measuring, analyzing, and optimizing your digital functions may seem straightforward, there is a lot that goes into each of these steps depending on the type of solution(s) you have and your business goals. Whether you have one channel or 20, through customer analytics consulting, we can help you create a clear strategy that establishes a baseline for every goal so that you can easily understand your program’s performance.


Mobiquity goes beyond

Measurement is important, so our analysis is much more than a set of dashboards that give you insights. We also help you with projections. Understanding your performance today is good information, but being able to project how performance could be doing and evaluate against that is even more powerful.



Helping you scale and succeed

Mobiquity’s customer analytics and data science consultants look for ways to mitigate friction and help your organization prosper. With the implementation of creative solutions that keep your goals in check, we search for opportunities to enhance and improve customer interactions so that your solution performs at its absolute best.

How Mobiquity can help:

Start with an analytics assessment

Our data strategy assessment is designed to help you make sense of your digital and app data landscape - typically in about 4 weeks. 
This exercise will provide a quick, unbiased view of how to improve your data governance and strategy including:

  • Identifying quick wins that enable better tracking and integration
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) mapping to business objectives, measurement strategies and tactics
  • Updated key reports and dashboards
  • A 3/6/12 month roadmap for maturing as a data driven organization
  • Key findings and recommendations summary

We help you derive meaningful insights backed by powerful analytics that enable great customer experiences. Our customer analytics consulting partnership doesn't have to stop after our initial analytics optimization and continue to measure engagement and performance across your channels - instead, we data strategy. We have the capabilities to continually measure engagement and performance across your channels and continually monitor for friction and opportunities to make your customer interactions successful.

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