Artificial Intelligence Solutions

A Crucial Part of Your Customer Experience Strategy

These days, you can’t avoid hearing about artificial intelligence (AI). But what is it and how can you apply AI in a way that drives value to your business? Mobiquity has the expertise to help you understand how to use AI in a meaningful way that enhances your customers’ experience and provides new opportunities for your business.

What is AI?

AI, short for artificial intelligence, is computer software that can take in data and learn, on its own, from that data to more efficiently perform tasks and to do so with minimal involvement from a human operator. While the technology that powers artificial Intelligence is fascinating, thinking through how it can improve customer interactions with your brand is where you start to uncover the true business-driving value of AI.

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How does AI add value to my business?

AI ShoppingWe all know that there is no one more valuable to your business than an existing customer. The way that you keep that customer, and hopefully add a few new ones too, is by showing them that you truly know them, understand their needs, and can delight them by giving them what they want as easily as possible.

This is the idea behind personalization. It’s optimizing your business to ensure that everyone who engages with your brand is individually considered and their needs are satisfied. This is at the heart of delivering the best digital customer experiences and none of it is possible without artificial intelligence. 

AI is the tool that will help you sort through the mountains of data that you have on your customers to determine the most relevant offering for them at this particular moment in time. So while AI supports your customers, it also supports your business.

Examples of AI in Business

AI has already helped millions of people, making the impossible a reality. You may not realize the extent to which you engage with AI everyday because it has successfully entered our lives without ever interrupting our experiences. In many ways, it’s made our experiences better, faster, and easier.

Take a look at these examples:

Fraud detection

Using AI to detect when fraudulent activity may be occuring to quickly and effectively communicate with the proper authorities so that customers may be contacted in a timely manner.

Predicting Restaurant Orders

Your favorite coffee chain’s POS system can record every order it receives, allowing them to build a robust database, enabling context-specific recommendations. This means that, based on your order history, as well as millions of other past orders, they can predict that you’ll order a vanilla latte when it’s snowing or a venti cold brew on Monday mornings in the summer.

Mobile Banking

By utilizing artificial intelligence in their mobile check depositing process, banks can exponentially reduce the manpower needed to process deposits. Utilizing AI technology, banking programs can decipher and convert handwriting into digital text and automatically process deposits to customer accounts. This benefits the bank in the form of reduced staffing, and the customer who can now make a deposit anytime from anywhere.

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What Is AI Consulting?
Getting Started

What Is AI Consulting?

At Mobiquity, AI Consulting starts with the customer experience. While we believe in the power of AI, we don’t advocate using AI as a solution in search of a problem. That's because we need to first understand how to improve the experiences that users are having with your brand before we can strategize around how AI will play a part in your final solution.

From there, you can utilize AI to become more effective at addressing those needs on an individual basis for each of your users. Mobiquity can help you with the process of identifying these opportunities and creating the solutions that will add value to your customers and ultimately your business. Thinking through what’s possible and where AI could enable solutions you’d never previously considered is where the experts come in.

Where Does AI Fit into Your Business?
Individual Solutions

Where Does AI Fit into Your Business?

Mobiquity can help you identify where AI fits into your digital platform. We have helped many organizations operate faster, anticipate needs more readily, improve engagement with customers, identify and correct weaknesses in marketing strategies, and reduce stress on human employees, all with the use of AI. (In fact, AI is often referred to as part of a new industrial revolution. It is as significant a shift in the way business is done as the assembly line and automation were over 100 years ago.)

Mobiquity can help you think through where artificial intelligence fits in your digital strategy. We focus on these three pillars in our consultative approach:

Determine the problems that you need to solve. In order for AI to have an impact on your business, we have to define the problem first. This will enable us to create a strategic roadmap that removes friction for your customers and business.
Collect data about the problem to help you solve it. Once we understand the problem, we need to collect real data around it so that we can validate the issue and understand ways to resolve it. The more data we have, the better enabling us to find the specific data that will solve your problem. The right data gives us a better view into how each one of your customers is interacting with your brand, giving us the key insights we need to help your AI program be as effective as possible for your customer base.
Create and execute an AI digital strategy. You may not have anyone in your organization who knows how to implement your AI strategy once you’ve designed it. Or maybe your resources are just too busy. Getting outside help can often be faster and easier versus trying to do it in house.

The right partner can handle these issues quickly and more comprehensively than an internal team who may not have the background and experience working with the non-deterministic nature of AI.

Why Is Mobiquity Right for You?

At Mobiquity, we help the world’s leading brands resolve their problems with meaningful digital solutions. We have highly experienced personnel on our team who can help you design an improved customer experience strategy using AI. We can also help you identify the best way to implement that solution with the best people, who are experienced at implementing these solutions.

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