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Reshaping Retail Operations: The Role of AI in 2020 and Beyond
Reshaping Retail Operations: The Role of AI in 2020 and Beyond
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Amaze-ing Acceleration

Amaze is an accelerator that takes the cost, time and headache out of managing your app migration to the cloud.

Migrating to the
AWS Cloud

Migrating to the AWS Cloud means taking a bunch of apps with you. Some are cloud ready. Many need work before they can go. Others… well, others you need alternate solutions for. 

The process for discovering which apps need what - especially in environments with hundreds, or even thousands of apps, is time consuming and resource-draining.

Let’s talk about how our cloud services can support you and your clients!

What is Amaze?

Amaze is our proprietary automation tool that moves workloads into the cloud faster than traditional methods.



With Amaze, we can:

  • Reduce cloud migration time - on average up to 50%
  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and implementation costs up to 60%
  • Minimize errors made through manual processes
  • Leverage automation and AI for improved productivity

With Amaze, we help prioritize the “why” behind your transformation, then guide you through the playbook that drives cloud maturity in your environment. We bring the plan, processes and best practices to ensure your cloud adoption experience moves smoothly ahead and drives the business results you need.

Want to learn more about Amaze and our cloud operations? 

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Case Study

The largest US Government sponsored financial services enterprise wanted to test Amaze before committing to using it in a large-scale migration project.  For this POC, we focused on the migration of two applications with over one million lines of code from WebLogic Application Server to Non-Commercial Application Servers, while still retaining and even improving the availability and fault tolerance performance. The applications  needed to be refactored, then built and  deployed from a high cost  private data center  to a private cloud on OpenShift Container Platform.

With Amaze, we were able to: 

  • Replatform the applications from current WebLogic Application Server to Tomcat App Server.
  • Upgrade the applications (including any client common reusable components) all libraries/frameworks (Struts, Spring, Hibernate etc.) to Java 1.8 compatible versions.
  • Replatform, Build & Deploy all the backend session EJB (Business Services) as independent spring boot macro service applications (with all dependencies) with REST API endpoints on OpenShift container platform.
  • Replatform, Build and Deploy the web front (UI) as independent web application/UI integrated with the macro service REST endpoints on OpenShift container platform. Enabled automated testing and implemented CI/CD for faster release cycle.

The results included: 

  • TCO reduction by 40% due to re-platforming from WebLogic to Tomcat Server 
  • 10% infrastructure Cost Saving due to Containerization
  • Productivity Improvement by 30% due to automation.
  •  Improved time to market by 40% using faster release cycles
  • Enhanced ROI of the applications due to API economy
  • Enabling Digital Roadmap by migrating the common applications and the applications on a common backend API platform which can be integrated with future digital initiatives.
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