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Designed and created as part of Rabobank's innovation hub, Datakeeper is a digital identity wallet, which can be stored on a consumer's mobile device, elimination the need to carry further documents. It has been designed to provide customers with a safe, fast and secure means of storing and sharing personal data while enabling organizations to receive the necessary data from their customers or employees in an efficient manner. Users can share their personal data via QR code linked to the Datakeeper app, enabling them to rent a car, apply for a mortgage or rent a house with ease. Following three years of intense technical and UX research at Rabobank, the launch of Datakeeper is a milestone in the story of decentralised data sharing and identity wallet ecosystem.



The Challenge

Fighting identity fraud

According to the latest cybercrime statistics for Europe, more than half of Europeans (56%) have been the victim of cybercrime at least once in the last two years, with identity theft being the second-most common type of cyber-attack. Once stolen, personal data is traded, sold, and often misused with criminal and malicious intent. One main effect of the identity theft is the financial losses where victims’s out of the pocket costs are around $1.7 billion. Datakeeper needed to fight and win the battle with identity fraud, reducing the financial crime risks at a minimum.


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The solution

Datakeeper works with Mobiquity to create a digital identity wallet to share personal data in a fast, secure and reliable way

With Mobiquity’s help, Datakeeper created a personalised digital identity wallet allowing consumers to easily store and share only the most necessary data with trusted parties.

It also allows organisations to securely receive verified data from their customers or employees, minimising the risk of fraud and satisfying GDPR compliance. Mobiquity supported Datakeeper through their entire innovation process - from providing an expert lead and UX designers for interviews, surveys and visual prototypes in the problem fit phase, to delivering a strategic vision of the proposition, market research, a business case and a full MVP product development team in the solution fit phase to strategy and sales capabilities to build a secure and scalable wallet, portals and back-end services.


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This innovative digital wallet is a powerful tool to fight identity fraud, reduce unnecessary bureaucracy and increase efficiency.

The app improves privacy for consumers as they know precisely what data they share, why they share it and provide explicit consent for each data transaction while also keeping organisations GDPR compliant.

Through its digital transformation, Datakeeper aims to become the preferred choice of European citizens to stock and share their personal data everyday digital identity wallet.


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