Patient Health Goes Digital


Track & Detect Medication
with Technology

Anyone who relies on a daily medicine has second guessed whether or not they took their prescription. Forgetting even a single dose of the drugs they rely on can have serious effects. Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company and its sister company ODH, Inc. recognized that these patients were missing a systematic approach to objectively detect medication ingestion. They collaborated with Mobiquity to create an application to help monitor how medications are consumed.

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Otsuka worked with Mobiquity for design and development. Mobiquity assembled a global team of designers, software developers, and QA engineers. We designed and developed the suite of mobile and web applications, including supporting infrastructure. These applications are used by Patients, HCPs, friends and family, human factor studies, and as training tools for product support. We also continue to provide advanced technical support for clinical studies and commercial users.

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Data Informed

Data empowers patients, their loved ones and their physicians alike. They can now have data-informed conversations about an individual’s health, which means care plans and treatment options can be targeted to the unique needs of each patient.

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