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The client knows the importance of having a clear vision of what’s ahead. The client is a global leader in opticals retail with many established brands that help millions of customers every day. In order to fulfill the localized digital customers’ needs, the client is looking to create a digital platform to improve their overall customer experience. A platform that is high performing, quality driven and easy-to-customize.


The Netherlands


A digital platform to enhance the omnichannel customer experience

One significant challenge stood out, the need for a reusable e-commerce customer experience layer that is detached from the multiple backend systems, so that it gives the client’s many brands across various countries the freedom to create their own ecommerce experience, while keeping the one consistent platform for easy maintenance and scaling. The client partnered with Mobiquity to improve the e-commerce platform to fulfill all the localized digital business needs of their brands. The client reached out to Mobiquity to support not only with the scale-up process, but also to contribute with the platform’s technical architecture improvements. The new platform was deployed to manage multiple brands and sustain a safe and scalable architecture.


With a scaled e-commerce platform that fulfills all the local digital business needs of each of their brands, the cllient achieved 85% increase in the total e-commerce sales, managed all different retail brands across the company group using the online platform that also brought cost efficiency. The scalability across brands was important to maintain the speed of innovation as market growth, as well as to enhance their in-store experience with new omnichannel customer journeys.


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