Our partnership with Mambu allows us to extend our service offering to the core banking layer, next to our existing solutions, and serve our banking clients full circle.


Financial services companies are developing new products and services to meet customer desires for a seamless digital banking experience. This requires agility and flexibility so they can move quickly to remain competitive and offer best-in-class products. Mobiquity helps fintech players take advantage of Mambu’s SaaS banking technology to create efficient, innovative and legacy-free organizations.

Together we enable financial services providers to:

  • Deliver value propositions that solve real human problems
  • Create unique customer experiences
  • Develop and get to market faster
  • Become truly agile and flexible


Mambu, a SaaS banking and lending platform, offers scalable, secure, cloud-native technology. Mambu focuses on “composable” banking. Using this new approach, Mambu’s API-enabled architecture enables banks to plug in integrations for simple, streamlined and automated customer journeys. Through a single codebase in a SaaS model, Mambu can be, and is, updated frequently in a seamless way, enabling constant evolution.


Mobiquity has extensive experience in creating new greenfield digital banks and new labels for our Fintech and incumbent banking clients. Based on this experience, we have set up and defined general designs, frameworks, workflows and building blocks that accelerate the setup of a new bank, ensure a short time to market and make use of proven best practices.


Strategies to create an efficient, innovative and legacy free organization are to create a new digital bank next to the existing incumbent bank, rebuild the entire digital architecture of the incumbent bank, or set up a new fintech bank.

Mobiquity’s experience in helping customers modernize their banking infrastructure, as well as build digital banks “from the ground up”, combined with Mambu’s composable, cloud-native technology, means a fast, flexible banking solution to meet both business and customer needs.

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