Contactless Payment Solutions and Implementation

Digital payment provides a better customer experience

Now that customers have become comfortable with contactless payments, they love the convenience that it offers. Here’s why contactless payment implementation is so useful for businesses and consumers alike:

An end-to-end experience: Implementing contactless payment into your existing digital strategy will create an effortless experience for customers. From ordering online to payment and pick up, the whole process becomes touchless. Plus, customers can see exactly how much money they’re spending before they complete their digital purchase. Before completing a transaction, you can show customers added fees, such as taxes and service charges, unlike with an in-store experience where they may be surprised at the final price they pay at the register.

Convenience & efficiency: Customers don’t need to get out of their car, worry about having cash or their credit card on-hand, or prepare for the issues that come with in-store payment (long lines, trouble with a card reader). Digital payments also speed up the process of buying food, goods, or even fuel so that customers can get what they need faster. While the transaction time for a chip-enabled card can be as much as 30 to 45 seconds, a contactless transaction can reduce that to as little as 10 to 15 seconds.

Less security risks: There are many security and privacy efforts behind every digital payment system that are constantly at work to protect customers. In fact, putting a check in the mailbox carries equal if not greater risk than a digital payment. No payment method is risk-free, so this shouldn’t impede your desire to create a better experience for your customers.

Cost savings: Accepting cash comes with significant, hidden costs. Cash must be continually stored, guarded, and accounted for; plus, it is difficult to transport and is inherently insecure. In other words, cash must be managed. Paying for items digitally, however, removes these barriers. In addition, contactless payments help businesses like food and grocery, quick-service restaurants, and convenience stores save money by simply eliminating the amount of time spent on checking out customers. Store associates can instead focus on fulfilling orders and customer service. 

Is your app performing?

Does your mobile app make it difficult or easy to order, purchase, and pick up or deliver food, fuel, or other retail items? Mobiquity’s proprietary Friction Report analyses thousands of user ratings and reviews to provide deeper insights into your industry, enabling you to create a digital strategy based on real customer preferences for a more meaningful customer experience.



Ready to get started?

Mobiquity can help you implement contactless payments into your broader contactless retail experience strategy. Our specialties include:

Contactless Fueling 
From fuel selection to payment, pump activation and actual fueling at a gas station, our experience with convenience stores and gas stations, including Wawa and Kum & Go, can benefit your organisation by digitally transforming the on-the-go fuel and food experience.

Contactless Dining 
Consumers looking at online menus, ordering food, paying for it, and then picking it up or waiting for delivery (to their home, curbside or a restaurant’s table) can experience a simpler dining experience that’s safe and convenient. Plus, real-time, dynamic menu updates based on inventory help consumers make the best financial decisions based on availability.

Contactless Shopping  
Retailers that offer an in-store experience should think about the full ecommerce opportunity before them. From ordering and payment, to a hybrid approach enabling in-store appointment booking, self directed checkout and payment, and curbside or click and collect pick-up options, retailers should offer a range of experiences that meet the needs of each individual customer. 

Our Offerings

Specifically, the services we offer for each of these contactless options include:

Omnichannel support
Your digital strategy will include many channels, such as: website experience, mobile app, voice skills, chatbot, and more. We can help you kickstart or enhance these channels with contactless payment to ensure a seamless experience across all channels. 

Digital transformation strategy session
Maybe you’re revisiting your digital approach altogether and need help thinking through the methods and strategies that will be most fruitful for you today, five years from now, or even 10 years into the future. Let us work with your teams to create a digital transformation strategy that you can be confident about as the world evolves. 

Innovation process
In a crowded marketplace, how do you plan to stand out? Will you create an experience that customers rave about? How you innovate now will define how you retain existing customers and attract new ones for sustainable growth.

Customer experience & analytics
The way you measure the success of your company often comes down to the experience you create and the analytics that prove whether that experience is working. Let us help you put a framework in place for your omnichannel contactless payment strategy.

North Star ideation
What is your biggest driver of success for contactless payment? Do you know? Are you sure that the metrics you have in place are giving you the best picture of the overall health of your company? Our teams will help you develop your North Star so that you can easily identify where you want to go and make a plan for how to get there.


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