The Mobiquity North Star Workshop

Publication Date
6 February 2023

The Mobiquity North Star Workshop

With the acceleration in the use and adoption of digital technologies, now more than ever, people of all generations – from Gen Z to Baby Boomers – are leveraging digital to safely and conveniently shop, dine, bank, and conduct everyday activities. Businesses that invest in digital are in the best position to thrive.

How to ensure the digital products and solutions you are implementing succeed?

Mobiquity’s North Star Workshop can help. From internal alignment to pressure testing your framework, measuring its success and iterating to meet your goals, our North Star Workshop was built to grow your business, meet customer needs, and establish a process for benchmarking your digital maturity for long term success. The North Star framework helps you uncover what success means for your customer and how you will measure that over time. When creating a digital product or experience, you need to align your goals and establish a framework for measuring success. The North Star is your springboard for creating this alignment.

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The Mobiquity North Star Workshop can help your team:

Realignment and validation that you are indeed customer centric:
Get reassurance that your teams are aligned internally and working toward one vision of what success looks like for the customer and the business, or make a plan for how to realign.

Outline of key data and analytic needs:
We’ll help you understand what metrics are most important to capture and track for your business to support your North Star framework.

A North Star for success:
The Mobiquity team will help you organise the outputs from our workshop into the North Star framework canvas that you will be able to put into action immediately.

Roadmap prioritisation framework:
We will share our prioritisation framework to help your team put your new North Star into action by assessing your current roadmap and aligning with your new customer-centric approach.

Prioritised list of customer research needs:
An important part of the North Star process is validating it with your customers. We will leave you with a prioritised list of research activities that will help you do that.

Elevate your digital programs by defining and aligning on your customers centric vision

If we don’t know where we are going, how will we know how to get there? The North Star concept provides businesses with a canvas for aligning initiatives to customer goals so that you can plan and prioritise your product evolution based on customer impact. Mobiquity’s approach has helped many companies gain alignment across disciplines, creating a stronger product, program, and brand that customers love.

Benefits of this workshop:

  • Align your technology, people, and processes to your North Star to ensure you are fostering a customer centric culture.
  • Create and implement a North Star that is achievable, cross-functional, and validated with data.
  • Understand how to avoid common pitfalls in the goal setting process.
  • Establish a change management process and governance model for all teams and functions
  • Carve out a new roadmap.
  • Benchmark your digital maturity and work toward continuous enhancements.

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