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The Conversational AI Journey

Your consumers are digitally engaged across all aspects of their lives and they have come to expect digital availability from the brands they trust. Over the course of a day, people interact with multiple interfaces and channels, from mobile apps to voice, text, and chat technologies. As a brand stakeholder, are you thinking about all of these channels and optimizing the experience for your consumers, end users, and employees? Is your brand available where and when people need you?

Lucky for all of us, Conversational AI has emerged at the forefront of digital engagement, allowing brands to create more meaningful and engaging experiences across all channels. If you’re a seasoned digital enterprise or simply just getting started, creating a Conversational AI strategy stands to unlock benefits for your organization.


Is your business ready for conversational AI?




If your customers interact regularly with any combination of WhatsApp, Facebook, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and mobile platforms, the answer is likely yes, they are ready for Conversational AI. If your employees are using intranets, chat forums, and other digital channels to communicate with each other, or to search for company data, you are ready to look at how to leverage Conversational AI for internal benefits. By building Conversational AI experiences, your business can accomplish the following:

  • Leverage existing mobile and online digital investments to unlock new customer engagement opportunities via voice and chatbot
  • Reduce operating costs and improve efficiency for customer service centers by providing more self-service options and deflecting work from people-driven support operations 
  • Create new channels for employees to share or collect information across departments and teams
  • Meet your customers where they are to drive engagement and new revenue streams
  • Lead in your industry by intelligently leveraging innovative technology to support business growth


Our Experience Complements Yours



Mobiquity has proven expertise in designing conversational experiences for clients across all of the industries we serve. Examples of ways we can help you to implement conversation into your business include:

  • Customer engagement and revenue generation. Listen here to Jonathan Patrizio, Principle Solutions Architect at Mobiquity, as he discusses how we’ve helped several companies, such as Butterball and Atom Tickets, execute these types of programs during his presentation at Amazon re:MARS
  • Employee engagement and efficiency applications within the enterprise
  • Travel planning, including booking services for flights, tickets, taxi/rideshare services, restaurants and more
  • Patient care improvements and medical advisory services. View our infographic here to see how Beth Israel Deaconness Medical Center leveraged Alexa to enhance the patient experience
  • Alexa skill for encouraging diabetes lifestyle management with gamification
  • Connected cars that maximize the automotive digital experience
  • Goods and services purchasing, bill payments, and notifications
  • Customer service and support center digital extensions

Services Overview


We help you assess the Conversational AI landscape, understand relevant opportunities, and determine product market fit. We dig deep into what types of conversational AI strategies work best for your business, what fits with your customers’ expectations, and recommend where it makes sense to invest. With a strategy in place, our consultants and designers set the roadmap for extending your business with Conversational AI.

Conversational Design & Prototyping

Through research and design techniques, our team envisions and designs experiences to engage your customers or employees authentically. We then take design a step further and prototype working examples to test, iterate, and improve based upon real world feedback.

Product Engineering

Our engineers draw on Agile processes, leading technology platforms, and deep engineering skills to bring Conversational AI experiences to life. Working closely with your team, we build out the digital experience layer to support the microservices needed to ensure stable and responsive conversational AI experiences.

Analytics/Life After Launch

Our team measures engagement and performance across Conversational AI platforms, deriving meaningful insights to evolve and create better ongoing customer experiences.



Getting Started: How Can We Help?




We provide vendor independent advisory, design, and build expertise and partner with clients to achieve successful outcomes for conversational AI. We can support you with getting started by:

  • Developing a Conversational AI strategy
  • Identifying and prioritizing success factors
  • Starting simple and iterating frequently
  • Preparing your organization on how to pivot ideas, expect challenges, and hone features to delight customers
  • Thinking big, helping you to continually update your roadmap, rapidly iterating and progressing in manageable steps
  • Measuring, learning, and improving; the life of the experience begins after launch
  • Looking to industry expertise to accelerate time to market and ensure scalable and maintainable platforms

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