The rise of mobile healthcare applications in the wake of COVID-19

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1 in 3 UK, Dutch and German patients prefer mobile healthcare applications to in-person consultations

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A study of 300 General Practitioners (GPs) and 3.000 patients finds that:

  • Mobile applications favoured instead of in-person:
    A third (33%) of UK patients preferred using mobile healthcare applications compared to in-person consultations.
  • Mobile apps improving standards of patient care:
    Over a third (35%) of UK GPs said that using mobile healthcare applications made it easier to prescribe the appropriate treatment for patients remotely.
  • However, technical issues and privacy concerns remain barriers to using mobile healthcare apps:
    Dutch GP’s experienced the most technical issues with mobile healthcare applications.
    Over a quarter (28%) of patients cited privacy concerns when using mobile healthcare applications during COVID-19.

Download the Digital Health Mini report here

Commenting on the report, Teun Schutte, Managing Consultant, Mobiquity said:

“The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation in healthcare. It has provided a catalyst for patients and healthcare professionals to adopt digital health solutions, such as mobile healthcare applications, in the context of social distancing, mask-wearing and stay-at-home guidance.

“For those of us in the digital health space, it has been a transformational time. The pandemic has shown the importance of digital health solutions and the need for increased adoption in the future, while at the same time highlighting the benefits around ease of access to care for patients and lower costs for healthcare providers.

“The challenge that exists, however, is how to solve frictions in the delivery of mobile healthcare applications and other types of digital health in the future. Our research highlighted the main barriers to adoption for patients and practitioners, and the areas we need to optimise to ensure digital innovation is scaled successfully to improve patient outcomes. Indeed, technical issues and privacy concerns need to be solved by aligning stakeholder concerns before digital health products are launched.

“By aligning the digital innovation process and creating a blueprint for scaling the next generation of digital health technologies, as an industry we can scale digital health products or services across disease areas, and across hospitals, markets and regions, ensuring that patients receive personalised, quality care through digital health technologies.”

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