Doubling down on employee experience

EX and CX
Publication Date
26 February 2024

Doubling down on employee experience

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Employees seek jobs aligning with their lives, necessitating companies to prioritise a seamless digital experience. The quality of the employee's digital engagement directly impacts customer experience. Recognising this link, companies should prioritise an excellent employee experience (EX) to enhance customer experience (CX). The convergence of CX and EX is evident, with centralised content and data crucial for both. Investing in EX contributes to the bottom line, and this e-book outlines the interconnectedness of EX and CX, providing a roadmap for building a valuable employee experience.


The quality of the employee experience will determine the quality of the customer experience

The connection between employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX) is crucial. Inconsistencies in information across various roles and departments can disrupt the customer journey. A lack of alignment in EX within a company leads to inconsistency in customer-facing aspects. According to 2020 Gartner Research, over half of customer-facing employees feel unprepared for customer interactions, attributing it to management and operational challenges. When internal consistency falters, so does the quality of the customer experience.

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