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Mobiquity's Zamira Jaupaj Recognized as an AWS Community Hero
Mobiquity's Zamira Jaupaj Recognized as an AWS Community Hero
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28 August 2019

Fasten Your Seatbelts: A Guide to Secure Digital Innovation | Mobiquity

Innovation needs speed

Companies often run into issues when it comes to security for new innovations. Following all regulations and needed security measures for a product that is time consuming and can easily become a roadblock for speedy development. You may find yourself wondering, what steps are really needed at each stage in the process? To answer this, let’s take a deeper look into what the “minimal” in MVP means when it comes to security.

MVP and security

The technique to develop Minimal Viable Products (MVPs) has many advantages. It enables you to go to market more quickly, develop according to  actual customer needs, and it allows for continuous improvement. Perhaps best of all, it requires minimal upfront investment and reduces financial risks. But one thing is often overlooked by many companies delivering this way: security.Application security is often only an afterthought, even when you look into products that are already on the market. 

Application security is often only an afterthought when you look into many IT projects that made it to the market. Focusing on short term problem fixes can lack consideration of new problems introduced by the solutions.

Time consuming security measures

Relying only on large fences around your data centers is a thing of the past and taking time to catch up on applications security before going to production does not fit with hyperfast development.

With applications in the cloud making speedy releases even easier, security should be taken into consideration from the start of development and throughout the process.

Keep in mind that the cost of security grows exponentially when you address it later in the process.

It only takes one weakness to defeat security

Unfortunately, security is not a fair game. You need to get everything exactly right, while an attacker only needs a tiny weak point to exploit. It is important to be aware of the value of your different assets and motivation of possible attackers, so that you can build plans to mitigate these risks.

Fast production needs smarter security

Potential increased risks can be quantified and businesses need to understand them to make informed decisions on how to move forward. Knowledge and structure are important assets while going fast is key. 

With an MVP way of working you continuously adapt and improve, meaning that feedback is collected quickly, but also your security requirements may change. You have to continuously analyze risks and strengthen security controls where needed.

Some tips to optimize your security investments include:
  • Standardize your engineering practices and cloud source security components
  • Keep it simple, don’t add bells and whistles you don’t need, they all must be secured
  • Don’t underestimate the impact of going to production, if you can’t get it right for a hundred users you will never get it right for a million

Security as a team effort

There are never enough application security experts to give personal attention to every single development feature. This means you need everyone to be aware of risks and implications to make sure everyone is in agreement on the security strategy before launch This alignment leads to fewer mistakes and increased efficiency. Share best practices and continual guidance so your team becomes more self supporting and your top security experts can focus where they are most needed.

Conclusion: to cloud or not to cloud?

Make security an entire team effort. Apply security measures to all stages of product development and discuss security measures with across functions. Although you can never defend yourself against all possible attacks, you can quantify potential threats and develop plans for the most likely scenarios and highest risk areas.

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