Mobiquity Minute: The Shift to Contactless in QSR

Brittany Mills
Publication Date
4 February 2021

Mobiquity Minute: The Shift to Contactless in QSR

We've seen a big shift in QSR – and not just because of the pandemic. In this Mobiquity Minute video, Britt Mills, Senior Director of Customer Experience, discusses how quick service restaurants should be thinking about their digital experiences – and convenience is at the core of it all. Watch the video now to learn more: 


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So we've seen a big shift in QSR and quick service experiences and clients, not just due to COVID. I think COVID, again, forced the inevitable. But when you think of a QSR and quick service experience - not just the digital experience, but the full journey for a customer - convenience is at the core of it.

So what we're seeing with a lot of our QSR and quick service restaurant clients is that, you know, at the center of their customer experience vision is impacting customer lifetime value. One of the levers that we have around that is making sure that we are providing a convenient experience within the digital program, within all of our touch points. And so things like really reimagining loyalty programs. Really making sure that the in app experience supports this new in store, new normal experience. So more touchless, in app payment, being able to personalize and get in and out quickly, not having to leave your car - curbside delivery, even retail ordering. 

So digital really enables and empowers that type of experience. And so being able to not just add an application or add a kiosk to your store or to your customer experience, but really understand the digital transformation that this industry is going through and how applications can really support and help reach that north star that a lot of our clients have around convenience.


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