Senior Tech Advising at Local Wellesley Council on Aging

John Keough
Publication Date
5 May 2016

Senior Tech Advising at Local Wellesley Council on Aging

Last week several of Mobiquity’s Boston office team members volunteered at the local Wellesley Council on Aging to provide Technology assistance to senior community members.

John Keough, Mobile Strategy Consultant at Mobiquity, began a Senior Tech help program that provides individual, one on one, appointments with COA and Mobiquity team members who can give guidance on various technology needs and questions.

Examples include
  • Help with learning how to navigate an iPad, or new mobile phone
  • Setting up a new computer and walking users through programs that will be useful to them
  • Creating an email address and teaching the user it’s functionality
  • Using and navigating search engines
  • Explaining how to use digital cameras and upload photos to a computer and send pictures in an email – like uploading photos.  

John Technology Volunteering

"Working with seniors through the COA has been a awesome experience for me. I've greatly enjoyed sharing in the excitement of new technology with a group of quick learners,  and really appreciate all the stories, wisdom, and laughs they've given me in return". - John Keough

Bethany Technology Volunteering

"Getting to know local community members through COA's Senior Tech program has been a highlight of my week since I began volunteering. The participants always come with great questions, positive attitudes and an eagerness to learn. It's been a great pleasure to help resolve tech questions that COA members bring to the table, and I often learn as much from them as they do from me!" - Bethany Salvia

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