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Reshaping Retail Operations: The Role of AI in 2020 and Beyond
Reshaping Retail Operations: The Role of AI in 2020 and Beyond
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8 October 2019

The Mobiquity Difference | Experience, Strategy & Quality Service | Mobiquity

Evolving your business for the future starts with understanding what your customers and employees need and want – first getting to the heart of the ‘why’ and then building the right solution. Yet even organizations that understand the reasons why they need to digitally evolve often find themselves questioning how best to do it. Add in the constant of changing technology and it becomes even trickier.

Whether you need to build a mobile app, add conversation into your brand experience, create a scalable cloud architecture – or all of the above – delivering a solution that will stick requires balance. At Mobiquity, we look closely at the friction within your digital experiences and dig deep into your challenges to design the right transformation roadmap. Then we partner to bring that vision to life: combining strategy, creativity, and technology to deliver omnichannel experiences that people will love.

We approach every engagement with the goal to maintain positive tension between strategy, creativity, and technology so that your ultimate deliverables will delight users, drive loyalty, and deliver results.

Our Services 


We uncover points of friction in your current strategy and look for ways to transform those challenges into new sources of value. We help you assess the digital landscape, understand the opportunity, and determine product-market fit. Together with our consultants and designers, we build a blueprint to guide your transformation.

Experience Design

Through research and design techniques, our team envisions seamless, omnichannel experiences to engage users when, where, and how they want. We ensure all of your digital channels align with your brand identity and contribute to a unified customer experience.

Product Engineering

Our engineers draw on Agile processes and technology expertise to develop innovative software products and bring new features to life.

Cloud Services

Our AWS-certified experts partner with you on cloud adoption, DevOps, and more to re-envision engagement, increase scalability, and reduce your total cost of ownership.


Our data scientists measure engagement and performance across your channels, endpoints, and overall solution to help you derive meaningful insights that enable better experiences. We continually monitor for friction and look for opportunities to enhance and improve customer interactions.

Why Choose Mobiquity?

We know when it comes to choosing a digital transformation partner, you have options – and those options can make or break achieving your intended experience. At Mobiquity, we take a long-term view, demonstrating through great work and commitment that we care about your success and your mission. We listen to your challenges from the start and then blend teams of strategists, creatives, and engineers together to design and implement solutions that matter. And we take ownership of the outcomes – working relentlessly to deliver innovative, reliable, friction-free experiences for your customers and your business.

When the time comes to choose a digital partner, don’t be misled by flashy, expansive promises or settle for a partner that simply goes through the motions. Mobiquity will be right alongside you during every step of the journey, pushing for excellence through constant collaboration.

Does Your Provider Check the Right Boxes?

Make sure you look for the qualities that define every great Mobiquity partnership: …

  • Will my final solution truly add value to my customers and employees or is this provider simply creating technology for technology’s sake?
  • Is this solution human-centric?
  • Will I have a partner dedicated to providing me with personal attention?
  • Will I get the level of responsiveness necessary to meet my goals?
  • Does the team understand my industry?
  • Do they have the experience necessary to understand my users?
  • Do they have established processes to keep communication open and effective within the team?
  • Does the team have the resources I need to truly transform my business?
  • Are they invested in my success?
  • Are they asking the questions I hadn’t considered to make sure the final solution actually delivers what I need?

How is Mobiquity Different?

  • Collaborative Approach- We blend strategy, design, and engineering teams together to consider every dimension of a digital business.
  • Cloud- Properly governed, scalable, resilient, and secure cloud architectures.
  • Serverless- Extensive microservices architecture experience enables rapid deployment of new experiences.
  • Omnichannel- Experience across all digital engagement channels, including voice, chatbot, mobile, call center, and IoT.
  • Alignment- We align business and technology stakeholders on their goals, customer journeys, and desired digital touchpoints to create an action plan.

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