Customer Experience Design Solutions & Consulting

Great brands create great experiences. Regardless of how their customers engage with them, via mobile app, website, Alexa skill – or all of the above – companies that make it easy for customers to find and engage with their brand win customer loyalty. So, how can you make sure you’re always staying ahead of your customer’s needs?  How can you ensure they have a seamless experience, wherever they engage with you? Our experience design consulting team can help.


It starts with focusing on the why.

Discover Your "Why?" to Improve UX

Every time we work with a client, we ask them: what’s your “why?” It can be so easy to focus on the “what” which is where many businesses get stuck. They focus on things like: what button are users going to tap? What screen will they see on my mobile app? What voice commands will we program into our Alexa skill? And while these are great questions, they only address the second half of your problem. First, you must address the “why?” so that the “what” is more meaningful.

The “why” is asking yourself: 

  • Why do you want users to see your mobile app a certain way? 
  • Why are you creating an Alexa skill? 
  • Why are you moving toward a digital model? 

By identifying your “why,” we uncover the frictions that exist, and then make sense of them, in light of your business, to spark transformation. We help our clients create those little moments, between action and response, that transform customers’ experiences, taking them from monotonous to meaningful.

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NN/g Certified

Recognizing that our context evolves over time, our team of industry experts is consistently building upon their skillset to deliver the most up-to-date methodologies and impactful experiences for all your needs. One way we stay educated is through ongoing training and receiving certification(s) via the internationally recognized NN/g curriculum. Our training strategy ensures that our entire teams’ skills remain razor sharp. Subsequently, your programs are built to capitalize on current opportunities while remaining relevant longitudinally.


5 Key Pillars for Experience Design Success

At Mobiquity, our creative and experience design consulting services can be broken down into five key pillars, all of which provide you with the background, tools, and plans to move your goals forward. 

Let’s take a look at the pillars.

Experience Design Qualitative Research Website

We explore the holistic context of a challenge or problem and do this by executing and analyzing qualitative research. Then, we think about what the qualitative research tells us. Does this help us get you closer to your “why?” How can we use this to take your program to the next level?

Experience Design Ideation Website

In the ideation phase of our experience design consulting framework, we focus on defining human needs and we brainstorm on what challenges your brand can solve for its users. This can often be accomplished quickly in an ideation workshop, which would lead us to creating and visualizing value propositions that work within or inform your product strategy.

Experience Design Prototyping Website

Once we have a strategy and plan, we help you validate them through any means possible (prototyping, storytelling, role-play). The validation step is important because it helps us fail fast if something doesn’t work and guides us to a more fruitful solution. Plus, without validation, you won’t know if your concept works in a real-life setting. This is risky because if something goes wrong once you’ve launched, your customers’ experience could be ruined forever. For this reason, this step is critical to ensuring the success of your program.

Experience Design Agile Website

Mobiquity delivers technical and visual design, in addition to creative content, in agile, cross-functional product teams. We ensure agility by sourcing every project with the right amount of strategists, creatives, designers, architects, and engineers to meet your goals and deadlines. Our models are customized based on your needs. We take a close look at what your project entails, and then we organize the most agile, fit-for-purpose team to ensure your success.

Experience Design Improve Products Website

We consistently look for ways to improve a product so we can create an even better experience for your audience. We find your friction and help you solve it at every turn.

Ready to experience the magic?

You’ve gone great lengths to build a unique brand and loyal customer base. Let us help you elevate your brand experience with a successful digital transformation strategy.