Custom Kiosk Software:
Designing the Right Solution for Your Needs

Kiosks provide your customers with a convenient self-service experience. Customers can use them to purchase tickets, withdraw cash, order food, find information and much more. Although touch screen kiosks have started to appear across diverse industries, they aren't all the same.

The kiosk software you use will shape how your customers interact with your kiosks and determine whether they have a positive experience. At Mobiquity, we understand how important it is to find software that aligns with your unique vision. That's why we create custom kiosk software for every client's individual needs.

Custom Kiosk Software for a Range of Applications

By allowing customers to receive service without interacting with someone directly, kiosks can add value to businesses in a wide range of industries — from healthcare to hospitality. Possible applications for custom kiosk software include:
  • Ordering: Restaurants of all kinds use custom kiosk software to allow customers to place an order at any time, increasing order accuracy and customer throughput.
  • Ticketing: Custom kiosk software in train stations, airports, bus stations, theaters and entertainment centers makes purchasing and printing tickets faster and easier.
  • Payment: Whether used in a retail or rental application, custom kiosk software can help you accept payments from customers while keeping lines and wait times to a minimum.
  • Telemedicine: Check in patients efficiently and provide services remotely. A custom kiosk software solution can provide features and meet compliance requirements that an out-of-the-box solution cannot.
  • Wayfinding: When placed in large centers of activity such as malls and event centers, kiosks help visitors find what they're looking for. Custom software can help you communicate the information your guests need without overwhelming them.
We have experience providing tailored digital solutions for clients in retail, financial services, healthcare, life sciences and other industries. Whatever application you have in mind, we'll work to ensure the final product brings you closer to your employees and customers.

Our Approach to
Kiosk Application Development

At Mobiquity, we believe customized solutions create the best customer experience. Whether you're hoping to increase sales, build stronger relationships with your customers or speed up service, we begin the kiosk software development process by getting to know your business and listening carefully to the goals and challenges of both you and your customers. Then, our team members use their expertise to design and develop a software product that meets everyone’s needs. Once you've started using the software in your locations, we'll continue to monitor its performance and identify areas for optimization.

Unlike other kiosk software development companies, we allow for flexibility in every aspect of your software, rather than providing cookie-cutter solutions or kiosk hardware. The result is a kiosk experience that aligns with your brand's personality and delights customers.

Custom touch screen kiosk software can empower your company to improve processes and connect with customers more deeply. At Mobiquity, we serve over 100 million users every day and develop solutions for clients like you from locations around the world. To find out how we can help your business innovate, reach out to us today.

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