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Mobiquity featured in QSR Magazine: Why restaurant mobile technology is here to stay
Mobiquity featured in QSR Magazine: Why restaurant mobile technology is here to stay
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Simplifying Life Sciences with Digital Ecosystems

From product-focused to digitally-enabled solutions

The pharmaceutical industry is experiencing challenges like never before. In addition to the monumental task of developing life-saving treatments, leaders are also responsible for updating analog processes to digital ones. The vast number of touchpoints and data sources that clinicians and pharma leaders interact with, however, makes the process particularly difficult. 

The key to making the results of this hard work as impactful as possible is to create an ecosystem where all of your data comes together. Forming one comprehensive source of truth will enable valuable decision-making by key stakeholders across your organization and allow you to truly understand your patients and how you can best serve them.

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Benefits of creating a centralized digital ecosystem

Finding a way to best leverage your patient reported outcomes (PROs) is the key to proving real-world evidence (RWE). Mobiquity can help you do this by creating patient experiences (mobile apps, IoT, web experiences, voice skills) that ladder up to one centralized digital ecosystem. This ecosystem pulls together third-party data sources (such as prescription and medical claims, internal clinical research data, and patient-sourced data), enabling you to see the trends, patterns, and outliers that you need to enhance your product.

Here are a few of the benefits you can expect when creating this type of digital strategy:

Maximize the value of your data
Pharmaceutical companies are constantly collecting patient data from an array of sources. It’s almost impossible to manually keep track of all the data, which means that you could be missing valuable connections and trends that could contribute to the advancement of your products. Get the most from your data with a tool that pulls it all together for you in one platform. 

Enrich patient lives
Having the best data easily accessible enables the decisions and enhancements necessary for patients to live healthier lives.

Integrated data for a 360 degree-view of the patient 
With one platform, you can create a single source of truth for your business, conducive to quick decision making and faster success. Rather than requiring life science leaders to look at multiple sources to get insights, teams can rest assured that all the data they need is in one centralized platform. 

Enhance the reach of your pharmaceutical representatives
Pharmaceutical representatives have been a considerable asset to every pharma company’s staff. But as distancing and health and safety measures take precedence for the foreseeable future, organizations need to rethink how to deploy these resources. This doesn’t necessarily mean displacing your reps, but rather finding new, digital ways to leverage their talent to connect with doctors, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals. 

Generate evidence from third-party data sources
Third-party data sources and patient-generated data provide valuable insights for your company. By creating one centralized digital ecosystem, you can collate all of this data into one area that gives you deeper knowledge about how a patient is feeling to ensure you are providing high quality care that enables patients to live happy, healthy lives.

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Getting innovative:
How Mobiquity can help

Whether you are just getting started or working with a model that has been around for decades, Mobiquity can help. Our experience includes working with companies like Otsuka, GlaxoSmithKlein (GSK), Novartis, and Bayer to name a few. 

We can help you with the following services:

Digital transformation strategy session
We’ll help you and your team think through your digital strategy. What do you need? What don’t you need? What steps do you need to take today to get quick results, and what steps can you take today for your long term success? Our strategists, data scientists, and digital experts will work with you to develop a clear plan that you can action. Plus, we have the world’s best creatives and engineers to help you implement the goals we’ve outlined together.

Innovation lab & process 
Mobiquity’s innovation lab gives you the opportunity to ideate with our experts around how you can create new solutions that will differentiate your business and bring you into a new era. We’ll help you identify the most creative ways to level up your processes, strategy, and methodologies so that your teams are the most successful.

North Star ideation & exploration
What is your “North Star” goal? Our teams have worked with leaders like you to set your goals and the tactics that will help you achieve them. 

Omnichannel strategy & implementation
From web to mobile to voice, and everything in between, Mobiquity can help you create or refresh your digital channels for maximum ROI value.

Security & patient privacy
Ensure that your data is protected and generating evidence in a way that is respectful of patient data is our top priority. Our teams are well versed in HIPAA, GDPR, and other regulations. Everything that we build follows state and federal guidelines. 

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