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Managing work travel can be a hassle. Finding the right schedule for the right cost in an easy, simple way can be a nuisance that hinders an employee’s day-to-day responsibilities. BCD Travel’s mission is to take the pain out of corporate travel by enabling employees to easily find the best travel options anytime, anywhere so they can get back to their day jobs. After decades of helping their clients travel smart and achieve more, BCD was ready to leverage technology to make business trips even easier and created a multifaceted strategy to enhance their digital tools. The first step involved creating an entirely new, redesigned version of their traveler-facing mobile app, TripSource, for better user experience. 

BCD was looking for a partner that could rebuild the app from the ground up, to allow travelers to shop, book, and manage all aspects of their trip experience directly from their mobile device. To bring their strategy to life, BCD leveraged the help of the experienced Mobiquity team, selected specifically for our leading design and usability expertise.


TripSource App

BCD set out to build the next generation of TripSource to enhance the way the world’s employees experience travel. In response to this goal, Mobiquity combined a practical but contemporary design paired with features that improved the user experience.

One of the challenges in this project was creating a single tool that would meet the needs of BCD’s diverse customer base. While some clients placed the highest importance on employee comfort, others needed clear travel policies to guide employee selections and help manage spending more closely. The app needed to accommodate both ends of the spectrum while still being user friendly. Simply put, the app needed to be flexible for any type of traveler.

After extensive research and design, Mobiquity provided an app with premium features that raised the bar on traveler experiences. The brand new TripSource app includes:


  • Self-service features such as self-booking, canceling trips, and storing receipts.
  • Pre-trip planning and booking helping travelers to make smart and timely booking decisions.
  • Simple design and navigation, allowing travelers to scroll through their trips in timeline order, where they can easily and effectively view flight details, status updates, hotel and car reservations, dinners, and meetings. Trip details now include policy reminders, phone numbers, and maps.
  • Branding options to support co-branding between BCD Travel and its clients.
  • Customizable travel policy capabilities that facilitate the solution that is most relevant for each client and its employees.
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App Reviews

Mobiquity designed the new and improved application, now available to corporate travel clients of BCD Travel in the app store. Rave reviews were reported by travelers who have used the app, which now has a 4.6 star rating. 

“This app has improved dramatically over time. It now works perfectly and seamlessly, importing all of the details from my trips. It keeps me up to date on my flights with delay info almost faster than the airline’s own app. Reminds me to check in as well.”

“Clean interface, integrated hotel booking...which is incredibly convenient. I receive messages from TripSource before I get them from the carriers. Well done.”

This completes the first phase of BCD Travel’s greater strategy around enhancing their digital presence to continue making travel easy and cost effective for companies around the world.

As Mobiquity continues its partnership with BCD Travel and advances to phase two and beyond, we will evolve the travel process using both voice capabilities and ongoing application updates. Exciting features planned for the near future include:

  • Increased booking options
  • Travel tracking
  • Location-based traveler add-ons 
  • Enriched payment features

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