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Making meals easier for customers on the go

Always looking to keep their loyal customers happy, Wawa wanted to provide even more convenient options for people to get their favorite products. Together we embarked on an innovation program to uncover opportunities that would expand Wawa’s existing mobile experience to include new food pickup and delivery options for their customers.


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Evolving Wawa’s mobile app

After working with Mobiquity on their successful Mobile Ordering app, Wawa, a regional chain of convenience stores and gas stations with a massive fan base, reengaged Mobiquity to work on an innovation project that would evolve its app to include a best-in-class Curbside Pick-up experience. Customer experience is the foundation of Wawa’s culture, so a user-friendly journey through order placement, payment and pick-up of fresh, fast food was a must. Equally important was ensuring that Wawa’s store employees were empowered and delighted with the tools they would need to keep customer satisfaction high.

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Implementing curbside pick-up

Working with the Wawa Mobile team and store operations, we devised an extensive model that would define, streamline, and optimize their innovation processes. Our rapid approach had multiple phases: 

  • Research (desk and field research, competitor analysis, in-store interviews, persona development, workshops, and stakeholder interviews)
  • Customer Journey and Service Blueprints
  • Prototype Design
  • Prototype Development
  • Usability Testing
  • App Launch Prep and Planning

The usability testing phase included two rounds of customer tests using the developed live prototype. The first round was followed by time for development to address the most impactful findings. Using this approach, we were able to quickly obtain the most insightful feedback from real customers by conducting a second round of testing against the updated app.

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Improved customer experience, operational performance, and overall convenience

After successful testing and a green light from internal stakeholders, we were able to quickly merge the prototype developed as an innovation project into the existing codebase. Following significant pressure-testing, app refinement, and store operations improvements, Curbside Pick-up was made available to all applicable stores.

Wawa’s customers now have access to a full featured mobile application that offers the convenience of curbside pickup, food delivery options from their partners, an expanded rewards program, and expanded contactless payment options using Apple Pay, Google Pay and credit cards.

This solution comes right in the nick of time as more and more consumers are looking for safe, contactless options that enable them to continue shopping at their favorite stores with less worry. This is just the beginning of Wawa’s innovation initiative—we continue to work with Wawa on its long-term evolution as it aims to be the neighborhood hub for true, community-centered convenience.

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