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With over 80,000+ Alexa skills publicly available, the market is saturated with novelty, informational, and music playing voice applications. While handy, these skills barely tap into the potential voice holds to reshape commerce and customer service for the 80 million people calling out to Alexa each day. With a mission to help movie lovers discover films and buy tickets wherever and however they want, Atom had an opportunity to add meaningful value to their users by utilizing a voice solution to improve the process of going to the movies.

Atom has always differentiated itself by delivering an innovative customer experience and sought to continue down this path by leveraging voice. It wanted to launch an Alexa skill, a decision that aligned perfectly with its strategy. Furthermore, to deliver effortless payments, it wanted to leverage its existing integration with Amazon Pay and would become one of the first brands to do so.


Atom Tickets partnered with Mobiquity, Amazon Alexa, and Amazon Pay to enable moviegoers to have a say in how they search for movies, choose theaters and select seats based on availability, and seamlessly purchase tickets using Alexa.

The Atom Tickets skill includes the following features:

  • Selecting a theater or movie: Users can easily find a movie by name or browse to find a showing in their local area. They can choose standard movie showtimes, plus all premium formats, like IMAX, RealD 3-D and more.
  • Choose your seat: The Atom Tickets skill for Amazon Alexa is the only movie ticket skill that lets you buy tickets at theaters with reserved seating.
  • Buy movie tickets: Users can skip the line at the box office and use Amazon Pay to simply and securely purchase their tickets in advance.
  • Arrival at the theater: No printer? No worries. With Atom, digital tickets can be scanned at the theater straight from a smartphone. Tickets can also be easily canceled, if needed.

Having developed the easiest way to buy movie tickets, the Atom Tickets skill for Amazon Alexa has the potential to unlock new revenue for Atom Tickets in 2019, as well as enhance the customer experience and future loyalty to their brand.

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