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For the marketing team at InterContinental Hotels Group, improving the guest experience is always a top priority. It recognized that its digital channels were playing an increasing role in engaging guests and sought to enhance its digital strategy. At the same time, IHG’s marketing team knew that to do so successfully, it would need a sustainable way to efficiently bring new channels to market.




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Mobiquity helped IHG innovate its guest experience with conversational UI through two new digital endpoints - voice and chatbots. IHG believed that the connected hotel room was a precursor to the smart home of the future, so we designed and developed an Amazon Alexa skill that serves as a virtual concierge. The skill controls in-room lighting, temperature, and music, as well as orders room service, among assisting with other helpful tasks. We also leveraged Facebook Messenger to build a chatbot for better customer service. The chatbot allows guests to receive pre-stay notifications directly through their Facebook Messenger accounts as well as view key reservation details, explore neighborhood guides, set stay preferences, and communicate with the hotel’s social care team. To help IHG’s marketing team quickly launch these new channels, Mobiquity designed and delivered a custom digital engagement platform leveraging the tools and services of the AWS platform. This digital engagement platform not only provides a centralized ecosystem comprised of micro-services, backend services, and elastic infrastructure for managing all of IHG’s digital touchpoints, but also allows for increased personalization and contextualization by incorporating analytics and machine learning.


By focusing on digital experience as a key component of its guest experience, IHG is increasingly satisfying its customers. Guests are enjoying the added convenience that both the Alexa skill and Facebook Messenger chatbot provide. The chatbot has also reduced the amount of time that guests spend with customer service reps, allowing these reps to more efficiently serve other customers. As IHG’s marketing team looks to introduce additional channels in time, its digital engagement platform will provide a scalable infrastructure for adding, integrating, and supporting multiple channels.

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