Unified Digital Platform


Complex legacy platform and fragmented experience

A multi-brand hospitality giant with premium luxury hotels, residences and resorts had been engaging with customers across a number of platforms. However, their three subsidiary brands had their own websites which led to fragmented customer journeys. The existing platform lacked the capability to deliver personalized, intuitive and consistent experiences to high-profile customers across the globe. This posed a significant obstacle to understanding and anticipating preferences of elite, international clientele. Subsequently, there were also challenges with identifying and monetizing new opportunities.


The complexity of these legacy platforms made it difficult to track user journey across devices, geographies and languages. This in turn negatively impacted booking conversions. The legacy applications also increased OPEX.


The fragmented experience made choosing between brands challenging and did not have the capabilities to make bookings from a single channel.


Single content management platform

The client required improvements in their overall user experience and required a design that aligned their UI with their UX vision. The primary goal was to improve user engagement, increase conversion rates, and reduce costs in alignment with each subsidiary brand’s strategy.


With multiples websites catering to different geographies, effective content management was another important business need.


Additionally, the client expressed the need to move from an on-premise solution to a cloud-based solution and distribute and manage data across multiple systems.


Leveraging knowledge of mobile app development and integrations to develop pre-arrival functionality across all brand websites was also part of the requirement.

We offered the client the option of a single content management solution to facilitate content delivery across web platforms and geographies.


We recommended adopting Sitecore Business Optimization Strategies (SBOS) to enable personalization, upselling and cross-selling. The features of the new digital platform included omnichannel, personalized, contextual content.


We suggested a robust sub-system integration, code reuse and single code base for all brands. Horizontally scalable content delivery solutions were suggested using Akamai, ChinaCache and Incapsula.

Hospitality Giant Case Solution

Better brand management

We empowered business users to create powerful digital marketing experiences that serve multiple audiences. The solutions we offered to our client resulted in significant, sustainable and scalable benefits, including:

  • 1200% uplift in My Web Page purchase
  • 793% increase in restaurant reservation
  • 70% effort reduction using the new website
  • 30% increase in resort booking
  • 30% improvement in the lead-to-close ratio

The revamped content management solution led to better brand management, improved visitor segmentation and targeting, higher conversion rates and decreased time-to-market. Our client was able to further strengthen its market-leading position and stay relevant to the emerging digital-savvy customers.

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