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Moving the Customer Effort to Zero: How Insurance Companies Can Create Effortless User Experiences
Moving the Customer Effort to Zero: How Insurance Companies Can Create Effortless User Experiences
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Karina Meerman
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14 June 2017

Mobiquity's Senior Data Scientist organizes Global AI Hackathon

At Mobiquity, we always love a good hackathon! That’s why we’re looking forward to later this month when the Global Hackathon series begins with artificial intelligence. From the 23rd to the 25th of June, the Global AI Hackathon will connect over 2,000 AI enthusiasts in 15 cities around the world to immerse themselves in machine learning bots, deep learning and neural networks. Quite interestingly, the event isn’t just for coders. Any newbie or expert who is intrigued by AI - including students, neuroscientists, designers, and idea generators - is encouraged to participate.

Mobiquity’s own Senior Data Scientist Eduardo Barbaro is organizing the event in the Netherlands. Eduardo believes “this hackathon is important because it brings the community together. It also offers people a platform where they are free to make mistakes - an excellent way to learn if you ask me. There is ample opportunity to discuss new methods and propose solutions that can become the next useful tool for all of society.”

Mobiquity will serve as a platinum sponsor for the hackathon, which Eduardo says “is just great.”

If you’re planning to attend, or thinking about it, here’s how the hackathon will work. Challenges will be announced globally during the event’s kick-off, and attendees can choose one to work on by themselves or with a team. They’ll have two days to hack and prototype. At the end of the event, teams can show off their projects on stage.

Eduardo offered to organise the Amsterdam event because it strengthens the local data scientist community. As he says, “It’s always good for like minds to meet.” During the two-day hackathon, everyone will work on the development of numerical models and solutions. “It is great to have these types of events, so we can all get together once in awhile." 

For more on our involvement in hackathons, see our work on stress relieving chemo treatment processes.

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