Why You Need a Curbside Program

The convenience of contactless shopping has made curbside pickup an increasingly popular option and one that’s likely to last well beyond COVID-19. Mobiquity recently reached out to over 400 consumers to see how they felt about curbside mobile app options and how they'll use this option in the future.

Curbside Infographic


Curbside success hinges on customer experience

In this infographic, we’ll unveil the results of our survey to help you optimize your curbside delivery program for success. Here’s a sneak peek of the insights you’ll learn:

  • How many users of food mobile apps are NOT satisfied with their experiences
  • The number of people that plan to continue using curbside after social distancing is relaxed
  • The top 7 improvements that consumers think curbside mobile apps should make 
  • How to start optimizing your curbside delivery program in 2 weeks

Want to learn more about developing or improving a curbside program? Learn more about curbside solutions here.

Download Infographic

Download our Infographic to learn how curbside delivery can create meaningful experiences for your customers.