4 steps to successful digital transformation – Step 2: Taking cloud to the next level

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25 April 2023

4 steps to successful digital transformation – Step 2: Taking cloud to the next level

In this series, we will uncover four key steps that every digital transformation project team needs to take in order to be successful. 

In step 1, we talked about the importance of refining your digital strategy and rethinking what that looks like. In step 2, we’re talking about cloud migration services. 

Migrating to the cloud, or optimising an existing cloud infrastructure, will provide you with the building blocks to achieve long-term, sustainable operational cost takeout. Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits that we’ve seen clients experience as a result of leveraging the cloud.

Benefits of cloud migration services

There are four key benefits that moving your applications to the cloud offers your business and your customers:

    1. Flexibility: Cloud computing gives you and your customers the flexibility necessary to do business anywhere – web, mobile – you name it. Take back the power of your business with the flexibility you need to remain supportive for your customers.

    2. Scalability: Scale up when more computing power is needed and down when you need less. Save costs in the process. See how cloud helped one telecommunications company offer more options to its customers. This is especially useful during the pandemic when heavy cloud computing is needed during certain hours.

    3. Agility: Taking advantage of cloud native tooling to enhance the overall effectiveness of data and exposing it to a wider user base, whether internal or external, is the focus of many businesses now. And by leveraging microservices, you can add functionality and capabilities to your services without impacting the rest of their cloud-based operations. This type of agility helps grow the business.

    4. Reduced costs. Did we mention with cloud you save significantly on costs? It’s as simple as only paying for what’s being used. 

Cloud migration as an accelerant for digital transformation

Whether you are looking to build web, mobile, IoT, or chat solutions, the cloud speeds up the process by providing a stable platform for faster innovation. In addition, cloud as a platform supplies the foundational elements necessary for all of your digital channels, threading them together with application programming interfaces (APIs) to generate a seamless, consistent experience across all touch points. 

Tackling the “last mile” of cloud migrations

A common challenge businesses face with cloud migrations is getting some of their apps moved to the cloud, and then stopping because the apps are older or more complex and are not easily moved. This leaves many cloud migration projects stalled, and businesses don’t gain the full benefits they were trying to achieve.

This can leave the digital experiences these businesses are trying to create stranded or unfinished, while they work out how to establish a secure and scalable cloud environment that includes these older or more complex apps.

To solve this problem, Mobiquity partners with its parent company, Hexaware, to help you achieve that last mile - usually the most difficult and the most rewarding - of your cloud migration programs. Check out Amaze, Hexaware’s proprietary automation tool that moves workloads into the cloud faster than traditional methods.

Amaze has enabled our clients to experience:

  • Reduced cloud migration time - on average up to 50%
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and implementation costs up to 60%
  • Minimised errors made through manual processes
  • Automation and AI for improved productivity

What are you waiting for? Learn how we helped one prominent telecommunications provider build a solution that enables users to scale up - and down - their data on their own terms: for an hour, a day, or a long weekend away, allowing them to share their memorable moments readily and on their terms.

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