Mobiquity Minute: COVID-19 & Banking

Matt Williamson
Publication Date
14 September 2020

Mobiquity Minute: COVID-19 & Banking

How has COVID-19 changed the adoption of digital banking? In this Mobiquity Minute video, VP of Financial Services, Matt Williamson, discusses the acceleration of digital banking and his prediction for the future of brick-and-mortar banks.

COVID and Banking Matt Williamson


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COVID-19 has changed the adoption of digital banking by accelerating it. Previously, when any entity looked to digitalize, they're trying to convince a group of individuals or sectors to adapt and evolve to something you want from them.

Whereas what COVID has done, has pushed people into an element where they don't have the decision anymore. 

If you can't visit your branch, then you need to be able to access it digitally. If you cannot achieve certain outcomes, like physically seeing someone, what’s your other route? Because you have to do it. That's what's accelerated it and I think realistically there's not going to be a reverse cycle when we return to normality, as such. 

I think because people have gotten used to leveraging and utilizing digital services, they're not going to return back to bricks and mortar in the way they did before.

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