Mobiquity Minute: Digital Ecosystems in Life Sciences

Steve LoSardo
Publication Date
26 June 2020

Mobiquity Minute: Digital Ecosystems in Life Sciences

In this video, Steve LoSardo, VP, Healthcare Solutions, discusses the importance of bringing all solutions together into a common digital ecosystem.

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A lot of the solutions today are thought of as kind of “one data point solutions” or “one single solution.” And I think people are realizing we need to bring them all together into a common ecosystem, or a common platform.

So that you can share the data that you captured, say, for example, from your scale, from your blood pressure cuff, from your pulse oximeter. So it's the value of capturing the data, the value of integrating the data, and the value of that information and making better diagnosis, better decisions, in order to keep people healthy.

And so I think that's one of the exciting things I see more and more of in the future is the idea around creating a platform or ecosystem that will consume all of this information, all these data points and make sense of them so people can live healthier lives and make better decisions.

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