Mobiquity Minute: Digital Transformation in Patient Care

Steve LoSardo
Publication Date
13 August 2020

Mobiquity Minute: Digital Transformation in Patient Care

In this video, VP of Healthcare Solutions, Steve LoSardo, talks about technology and its role in healthcare and life sciences.

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Well, when I think about digital transformation, I really think about, you know, how can we help people live healthier lives and have better quality in their lives. And where can we fit new technologies. 

Things like mobile technologies, like mobile phones or smart watches or where does the internet play? Where do other devices play? And how can we create an experience where someone can take that technology and apply it to everyday things? Like, for example, on eating well. You know, how can technology help me do that? Can it provide the guidance I need to stay with my diet or encourage me to do exercise?

How can I use technology to help me better communicate with my doctor or with my family, so they can help me and support me on my own healthcare journey.

In healthcare, it really is all about, you know, how do we help people live better lives, healthier lives, have an overall better quality of life, and using technology as the foundation for that.

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