Mobiquity Minute: Rewards & Loyalty Programs

Brittany Mills
Publication Date
12 October 2020

Mobiquity Minute: Rewards & Loyalty Programs

Did you know that 70% of consumers agree that their connection to rewards programs is one of the most important aspects to them with regard to maintaining use of mobile apps after the pandemic has subsided? 

In this Mobiquity Minute video, Brittany Mills, Senior Director of Customer Experience, discusses the importance of rewards and loyalty programs, including their impact on business ROI.


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So it's important for companies to have a rewards program, especially when leveraging a mobile app experience because your mobile app for your customers is the most personal connection, in my opinion, that you're going to get with them.

It allows you really to understand not only how they engage with your customer. It gives you additional information like ratings and reviews. You can get usage data to understand what drives them back to the app, creating stickiness. And a lot of our customers right now who have a rewards or loyalty program within their application, you know they've had it for a couple years. They’re understanding, from a usage perspective and a customer satisfaction perspective, what's working and what's not.

And we're starting to get to the point now where making strategic digital transformation decisions and quantifying that CX is critical. So we're putting a lot of things in place like really mature ROI models, business models. So that we can get down to a feature level and understand what the impact of a specific feature might be within a loyalty program and how that might impact not only the CX side of things, but the actual ROI and helping them make those decisions of, you know, we know as much as we can with customer feedback. But now, from a business, let's strategically think, what makes sense to grow the CX and the business ROI.

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