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Will the Future of Conducting Home Inspections be Touchless?
Will the Future of Conducting Home Inspections be Touchless?
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Publication Date
29 July 2019

Mobiquity VP Healthcare Speaks at Roche | Mobiquity

Adding Value through Digital Innovation

Our VP Healthcare spoke at Rochetalks on October 8 in Woerden, on the subject of adding value through digital innovation in the Life Science & Healthcare industries. Roche is an organization focused on breakthrough research for patients in areas that need extra attention, for example cancer and rheuma. They invest in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to make healthcare more personalized.


Innovating in Life Science & Healthcare sectors (LSH)

Mobiquity’s VP Healthcare Europe Marcel Joachimsthal ook the audience on a journey through one of the nine most important sectors in which The Netherlands wants to contribute substantially to global societal challenges. To maintain a leading position and to stimulate other sectors to develop and innovate they started a ‘Topsector Life Science & Health (LSH)’ in 2011. Marcel Joachimsthal is vice-chair of the Advisory Board of the Topsector LSH. Nine industry associations that are active in the sector, cooperate in the LSH Alliance. This Alliance’s role is to initiate and stimulate innovation in the areas of care and health. The Alliance takes part in economic healthcare missions, for example past July in Boston alongside Minister for Medical Care mr. Bruins, lead by The Netherlands Prime Minister mr. Rutte. In his Rochetalk, Joachimsthal shed a light on the top sector policy and more specifically on the role of the pharmaceutical industry within it. What does the international strategy consist of and which points of engagements could be found for private companies?

Technological developments lead to new value propositions, including for pharmaceutical companies. Initiatives beyond medicine hold great value for Roche Netherlands. Medication increases quality of life and can highly increase chances of survival. Major breakthroughs have been reached thanks to medication but still there is a negative image around pharmaceutical companies because of discussion on pricing of medication and not about the added value. The input of pharmaceutical companies taking initiatives for research and prevention that lead to people being able to work longer with their condition, or eg. support them when they’re too tired, are not given a lot of attention. 

Marcel Joachimsthal used his Rochetalk to elaborate on how to get to new value propositions in the Life Sciences and Healthcare sectors. Mobiquity’s work for Princess Máxima Center For Pediatric Oncology delivered an interactive and visual tool to support families in the different stages of the treatment for children with cancer. Other work creating new value propositions: helped building the first FDA approved ingestible medicine. And Nestlé’s Voice Plus assistant tool for personal assistance for home cooking. What opportunities are there in healthcare? How can we utilize digital innovation to improve the quality of life during an entire patient journey? Digitalization offers new opportunities in collaboration with partners to be relevant in every phase of treatment: from prevention to aftercare. 

Goal of this Rochetalk: getting inspired by the speakers to think about how to add value in pharma for patients, respecting the privacy and regulations of the sector, utilizing opportunities given by the Regiegroep Topsector Life Science & Health (LSH).  

Date & time

October 8, 2019 from 13:00 - 14:00


Beneluxbaan 2a
3446 GR Woerden

Speaker information

Marcel Joachimsthal is Vice President Healthcare Europe at Mobiquity. Joachimsthal has 23 years of experience in various roles at GlaxoSmithKline, and was a member of the board of Nefarma form 2013-2015. Joachimsthal graduated from Technische Universiteit Delft, and is since 2017 part of Regiegroep Topsector Life Science & Health (LSH). This is where he got in touch with the Personalised Healthcare Alliantie.

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