Three Predictions for Retailers in 2021

Brittany Mills
Publication Date
22 December 2020

Three Predictions for Retailers in 2021

Who’s excited for 2021? We know. 2020 was a challenging year for everyone. But 2021 brings hope. A potentially life-saving vaccine is on the way and many are excited to return back to the life we knew pre-COVID.

But will we actually return to normal? Businesses that turned to digital technology to keep customers safe will likely continue to reap the benefits of these alternative options. As it turns out, a Mobiquity survey of US consumers found that 90% of respondents said they would continue using technology to make life easier post-pandemic. 

Regardless of how your business is operating today, we’ve outlined three predictions that we believe retailers should be prioritizing as they kick off the new year and adjust to a new kind of normal.

Focus on increasing customer satisfaction. 

Companies rushed to market with new digital solutions out of necessity and customers were satisfied with the initial products. However, as customers continue to use these tools, are store associates prepared to sustain the positive experience? To avoid a dip in customer satisfaction, brands must continue to enhance their contactless experiences to accommodate customers’ increasing preference for digital shopping.

Mobile experiences will become tailored to a wider audience through increased adoption.

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to digital customer experiences. The Baby Boomer and the Gen Z user have significantly different usage patterns in a mobile app and retailers will need to take this into account as digital solutions become commonplace in the shopping experience. Making mobile apps for retail businesses as intuitive as possible will satisfy a wider audience and increase satisfaction across generational groups.

Change management needs to be a top priority.

A lot of retailers rushed to market in response to COVID-19 to provide mobile experiences that prioritized safety and contactless interactions. Now brands are trying to balance speed to market and operational readiness. Many brands went full speed ahead without taking operations and associate investments into consideration. Through better employee training in 2021, brands can ensure their five-star app isn’t ruined by a disjointed in-person experience.

What do you think? Are you finding certain trends important as we navigate a new digital landscape? One thing is for sure: companies that invest early in technologies that enable safety and convenience in consumers’ lives will not only survive the pandemic, but thrive in a wholly new world.

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