The Rise in Digital Adoption Among Baby Boomers

Consumer engagement with digital technology has changed drastically due to COVID-19. Some consider baby boomers less digitally savvy than younger generations, but is this true?


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Mobiquity's proprietary study measures boomers’ use of digital

COVID-19 has had an immense impact on the baby boomer generation due to their increased vulnerability to the virus. To understand more about this group’s adoption of digital solutions as a way to stay safe, we surveyed 253 baby boomers and 349 non-boomers about their behaviors pre and post-pandemic.

Our results uncover:

phone (1) How different or similar baby boomers are to other generations when it comes to technology
person Trends happening among baby boomers
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How boomers are using technology to meet their needs via curbside, digital medicine, retailers, restaurants, and digital banking

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