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Pivoting your business to meet customer needs

As retail brands shift their business models to accommodate the changing economic climate, contactless customer experiences need to be at the center of their digital strategies. Why? People want to know that their retail needs can be fulfilled in a safe, clean, reliable, and convenient manner. Enabling a contactless process from order and payment to pick-up or delivery will be key to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Convenience that your customers will love

Digital, touchless offerings provide a new level of convenience to your customers. The roadmap to touchless is not a one size fits all approach and the companies that will be most successful in implementing strategies that will stick, are those who plan around their customers’ expectations and think through how best to serve those customers through technology. Today’s consumers want three things: effortless experiences, contactless payment options, and personalised content and offers.

Here are a few use cases that highlight how businesses can create contactless experiences across industries that fulfill customer needs:

Convenience and Fueling - Imagine a truly touchless fueling experience. Fuel selection, payment, and pump activation can be easily handled with a well designed mobile app. To achieve a fully contactless sale, a mobile app can be paired with a designated attendant who can remove the need for guests to come into contact with the pump. As a bonus: the attendant can deliver food or other in-store goods, making it easy for guests to safely get what they need on the go.

Contactless Dining - Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) are a natural fit for digital solutions like in-app ordering and curbside pick up but there’s no reason that contactless experiences have to be limited to the QSR environment. Full service environments could also benefit from decreasing human interaction by making menus, ordering, and payment digital.   

Contactless Shopping - During the pandemic, consumers learned to rely on digital channels to meet their basic needs, such as dining or buying groceries via contactless delivery. Increasingly, they are also relying on digital solutions for non-essential purchases, such as clothing, household goods, and sporting or outdoor equipment. Stores can offer full e-commerce ordering and contactless payment solutions or a hybrid approach enabling in-store appointment booking, self-directed checkout, and payment that removes an unnecessary human interaction.

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Our Contactless Solutions

Mobiquity can help you strategise, design, build, and analyse your contactless retail experiences. Our offerings include:

Benefits for your business

Grow your customer base

  • Attract new digitally savvy customers
  • Increase monthly active users (MAUs) by giving them seamless experiences

Build customer loyalty

  • Retain existing customers by making shopping easy
  • Show your guests you understand their needs and want them to return through offering personalised offers and rewards 

Increase profitability

  • Build better customer lifetime value (CLTV)
  • Boost frequency of purchases by making shopping convenient
  • Increase basket size for shoppers looking to minimise trips
  • Enable recurring purchases
  • Optimise longevity of consumer spending


Tools to help you get started

Leverage our custom Friction Reports to gain mobile app insights

Access a report based on our research of thousands of customer reviews and ratings of the top mobile apps for your industry. Our latest reports offer a look at the pain points and opportunities that customers are noting during the pandemic – all of which can help you enhance your digital offerings to meet customer demand. 

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We’ve worked with a number of retailers, convenience stores, and grocery chains. Learn more about how we helped transform these companies by exploring our work.

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