Rewards & Loyalty Programs

Creating a strong reward & loyalty mobile app program

With this drastic uptake in mobile app usage, companies need to identify the areas of friction in their own platforms (or learn from the mistakes of others) to grow their businesses into the future. Now is the time to double down on this effort by creating a loyalty app that builds on the relationship that you have with consumers, but in a digital way. Mobiquity’s team of strategists and user experience experts work with companies everyday to help them create effortless customer engagement strategies that consumers love, including successful rewards and loyalty mobile apps.

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See how we helped Kum & Go launch their Fuel Better contactless fueling experience that rewards customers for using the program or purchasing items from their convenience store.

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Wawa Solutions Page

Our work on Wawa’s mobile app produced a significant increase in rewards members and order frequency while creating even more love for the treasured convenience store chain.

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What we offer

Together we can help you:

Drive ROI for your rewards & loyalty program: Rewards are so much more than gamification. If created strategically, rewards can offer key insights on business performance. 

Increase customer lifetime value (CLTV): Happy customers come back again and again, creating true brand preference that cannot be matched in the marketplace. 

Create a personalisation strategy that fosters brand loyalty: Are you offering John Smith a free coffee today? If yes, why? Are you sure John drinks coffee? Every individual offer should have a strategy behind it. One to one personalisation is a great way to boost brand loyalty with your consumers.

Discover what kinds of rewards customers really want from your brand: Through evidence-based research, our user experience architects can shine a light on what your consumers are looking for and provide the strategies that help you meet – and exceed – their expectations.

Build a digital user experience that creates brand affinity: The experience you create that complements your loyalty program is just as important as the loyalty program itself. We help you to ensure your digital channels reinforce your brand as much as your physical locations.

Analyse and make recommendations for your current program: Do you know if your current customer loyalty program is working? We can audit your strategy using our analytics and data science team to provide recommendations based on our experience working with leading retailers. 

Sync your rewards & loyalty programs with new or existing technology: Your punch card won’t work in the new digital realm. Let us help you transform your program so that customers can attain and retrieve rewards wherever they are (on their mobile device / your mobile app or on their laptop / your company website).


Benefits of a rewards & loyalty program

Some of the positive business outcomes companies can expect to achieve by creating or enhancing their loyalty program include:

  • Better insight into customer behaviours: Once you know how a consumer behaves, you can begin to offer them incentives for continuing and adding-on to their usual routine. 
  • Increased customer retention: Keep customers coming back by offering rewards tailored to their preferences that will increase their lifetime value.
  • Revenue cycles that you want: By offering incentives during certain times of the quarter, year, or day, you can influence customers’ behaviours in order to become more profitable when your revenue cycles rely on it most. In addition, offering promotions during off-hours can stabilise your business by flattening the curve between peak and off-peak periods. 
  • Uptake in order frequency: More purchases equal more rewards, which motivates customers. 
  • Positive online reviews and ratings: Consumers are likely to write a positive online review after a good experience.
  • Recommendations to friends and family: Loyal customers report that they would recommend a company to their network if they enjoyed their experience.

So why wait? Don’t let your customers get away from you for another minute.

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