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Webinar: Why “Store of the Future” is Nonsense
Webinar: Why “Store of the Future” is Nonsense
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Backbase Partner

Elevating Your Online Banking Offering

Mobiquity has deep-rooted experience implementing Backbase, a digital online banking platform, within existing systems or entirely new ones, while modernizing the design and centralizing all touch points for customers.

As one of the largest Backbase partners in the world, Mobiquity has proven experience with implementations in Asia, North America, Europe, and the Middle East for 5+ years with 150+ trained consultants and developers. The Mobiquity team has also been recognized for high quality implementations that get it right the first time, helping companies in the financial services industry drive measurable results for their business, and frictionless customer experiences.

Above all, Mobiquity starts every project by understanding your customers and employees, to ensure that the experiences we create meet their needs. We work to elevate your online banking offering, and have committed to being a premier partner with Backbase to ensure that you, your customers, and your employees receive the expertise and experience needed to achieve your digital transformation goals.


Our Promises

The following promises are our commitments to you. When we partner together, we agree to a key set of values that you won’t experience with other vendors. 

Seamless, Consistent, and Centralized: User friendly experiences for every type of channel gives you control over your digital strategy with the right tools, by modernizing and centralizing all touchpoints, while keeping your core systems running.

Accelerate for Optimal Results: Mobiquity helps financial services clients accelerate their digital transformations for positive results. With seamless brand interactions on the right channel, at the right time, Mobiquity offers speed and flexibility that is needed to succeed in a rapidly changing market.

Customizable Services: Mobiquity recognizes that every digital transformation is unique. Therefore, we work together with you to craft a plan tailored to your company and clients’ needs.



  • Create insights and consistency to support customers
  • Increase customer confidence and loyalty through smart interfaces
  • Omit siloed channels and legacy systems to decrease time to market
  • Maximize tech investment to be empowered for digital transformation
  • Enable flexibility and scalability with measurable results

Backbase Connect 2020

Digital Banking had its day, it changed the banking experience with new technology. But now it’s time to give people more. Engagement Banking is the next step for banks that want to make a real connection with the people they serve. Stunning experiences that captivate people every step of the way; a banking experience that’s more personal. More human. All on a single platform.

Join us at Backbase Connect 2020 as we unveil our vision for the future of the industry.

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Best-in-Class Experience with Backbase

Mobiquity thoroughly understands Backbase’s unified functionality from traditional core systems to new fintech capabilities. This allows us to implement Backbase in the best way possible, whether you are a financial institution in retail, corporate, SME, or wealth management. We focus on helping you make the most of every customer interaction by uncovering frictions to spark transformation.

Bank ABC

Mobiquity rolled out a digital banking platform with Bank ABC to 10 countries in only 12 months. We leveraged capabilities of the group’s existing incumbent bank. The market is feeling this disruption due to the increase in brick and mortar banks implementing or planning to implement virtual or digital banks. Mobiquity is experienced in launching these types of banks, and can help you the same way that we helped Bank ABC.

Neobank ila

From value proposition to enterprise architecture design and delivery: Mobiquity partnered with Bank ABC, building a cloud-based, fully mobile bank. It puts customers in control of their financial health, with great features such as digital onboarding, different currencies in one account, membership levels and savings goals.

Berenberg Bank

Mobiquity worked with Berenberg Bank to prepare their app production, and make sure it was implemented with mandatory security measures like multifactor authentication functionality. The Mobiquity iOS and Android mobile team within were able to support Berenberg and deliver the app in 16 weeks. 

Bank BPI

Mobiquity teams delivered a 700-page responsive site for their 7 million yearly visitors. We helped the largest bank of the Philippines go online in just 5 months with the Backbase platform, including transferring 3 million users from the old platform to a completely new architecture in a frictionless way. The new central digital platform included the migration of 30+ microsites.

Elevate your online bank offering
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