Creating Omnichannel Digital Insurance Experience Strategies

Consumer needs and market trends unearth the need for digital solutions

Consumer desire for touchless, immersive experiences is now stronger than ever across all industries, making digital an necessary ingredient for your customer experience strategy. 

Insurance providers simply cannot provide products and services without understanding the real needs of their customers. Technology has in great length enabled insurance companies to build efficiency into their programs, but some customer frictions still exist. For example, with a few clicks on a mobile app, the customers can choose a new car insurance policy, but when it comes to filing claims, they still have trouble, often leaving them to weed through a tedious and inefficient process. This and a lot of other customer challenges are very much evident by the customer reviews submitted via the Google Play and Apple App Store. Hence, it becomes imperative for insurance providers to loop customer feedback into the decision-making process and understand which aspect of the app, products, or features customers value the most while also discovering where they encounter the most friction with the app. The same is true for any other insurance digital experience. 

With nearly 90% of people in a Mobiquity survey saying that they will continue to use digital technology to make daily life easier once the COVID-19 pandemic has resolved, insurance companies that want to attract, engage, and retain customers need to consider all of the digital solutions available to them in order to make the best customer experience possible.


Digital insurance solutions lead to better customer experiences

There are a number of digital and technology solutions that can support your customers – and even your employees – with their day-to-day tasks. Your strategy should consider what actions users will predominantly want to take on each device they use and then seek to enhance those experiences. 

Here are a few ways that digital can enhance your customer experience:

Give your users the ability to interact with you quickly and efficiently via your mobile app. Provide them with the tools they need to keep them safer in the car and at home, like access to their accounts, the ability to manage claims, and an easy way to view their insurance portfolio when they need it.

Voice capabilities such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, as well as website chatbots can reduce the burden on your staff by answering simple customer questions with smart technology.  

The opportunities for contactless payments are on the rise and your clients will love you for it; see how it is used

For insurance companies, the importance of considering digital channels is compounded by the fact that more than 50% of traffic to customer portals is coming from mobile devices. Many of these portals are not optimized for a smartphone, leading to friction-filled experiences for customers trying to access their account from their mobile devices. Friction free insurance experiences start here.

The first step in building a lasting relationship with your customer is to make sure their first engagement goes smoothly ; see how we have helped multiple banks with digital onboarding.

Understanding customer needs and frictions

Customers' expectations around their insurances aren’t always complicated. Maybe not trying to reinvent the wheel but a need to prioritize where to focus. By improving the right aspects of their mobile apps, insurance companies can make a big impact on their customer satisfaction (which will pay off in dividends now and after the COVID-19 pandemic). Every institution is unique in its offering and what customers need and want from its digital suite of tools. When creating an insurance digital experience, we’ll examine and make recommendations on the features where you need to focus. These can include:

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Find your friction

Mobiquity’s proprietary Friction Report offers business leaders insights into how the world’s top apps perform so that they can make meaningful decisions and enhancements to their own mobile applications.

Mobiquity has created a Friction Report tool for Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance providers to draw insights from customer reviews and identify the most common topics/features customers talk or complain about. The Friction report is a quick and simple tool to gain insights on (mobile) app user feedback about features and services of the product. 

This enables insurance companies to understand what are the most prominent pain areas that the user is experiencing while interacting with the app. For example, some users are not able to make claims, the login page doesn’t load, or the user cannot access their policy documents.

Get the full Insurance Friction Report, click here



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Mobiquity can help

At Mobiquity, we’re agile. We pride ourselves on our ability to both strategize and execute. We’ll quickly find your frictions, align on a plan, and begin work on the resolution. 

It’s our mission to ensure success for our customers and we do that by prioritizing the small changes that have a big impact. Regardless of where you are with your insurance digital experience, we’re ready to take on your project.

Our digital offerings for the insurance industry include:

Omnichannel support
Your digital strategy will include many channels, such as: website experience, mobile app, voice skills, chatbot, and more. We can help you kickstart or enhance these channels so that they work together to create a better customer experience.

Digital transformation strategy session
Maybe you’re revisiting your digital approach altogether and need help thinking through the methods and strategies that will be most fruitful for your company today, five years from now, or even 10 years into the future. Let us work with your teams to create a digital transformation strategy that you can be confident about as the world evolves. 

Innovation process
In a crowded marketplace, how do you plan to stand out? Will you create an experience that customers rave about? How you innovate now will define how your insurance products retain existing customers and attract new ones for sustainable growth.

Customer experience & analytics
The way you measure the success of your insurance products often comes down to the experience you create and the analytics that prove whether that experience is working. Let us help you put a framework in place for your omnichannel digital strategy.

Cloud services via our knowledge partner Hexaware.

North Star ideation
What is your biggest driver of success? Do you know? Are you sure that the metrics you have in place are giving you the best picture of the overall health of your insurance portfolio? Our teams will help you develop your North Star so that you can easily identify where you want to go and make a plan for how to get there.